Canoeing around Lake Ainsworth.
Canoeing around Lake Ainsworth. Contributed

Students take to the water for 'Dark Water' challenge

DURING camp week, Year 9 from CVAS travelled to Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head to participate in what turned out to be a great camp.

Students participated in a number of activities such as kayaking on the lake, snorkelling at the beach for Marine Studies, a ropes challenge course which saw many of us having to overcome a fear of heights and archery.

One of the most challenging exercises was called 'Dark Water', where teams of three had to work together to paddle around obstacles on the lake.

Sounds easy right? One member was blind folded, one could not talk and the third member of the team could talk and see but could not paddle.

The teams worked beautifully together and after a few capsizes and much hilarity for us teachers, they mastered the challenge well.

Most nights ended with an hour or so swimming in the pool and milk and biscuits on the balcony, where many a deep conversation was held.

Year 9 is to be commended on their wonderful behaviour on the camp and the staff at Lake Ainsworth told us that "they are a credit to your school".

Well done Year 9.

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