CWA is more than baking and sewing

TOMORROW the tireless members of the Grafton Country Women's Association will gather at See Park to show the community what they really do.

State past president of the CWA Judy Richardson is hoping to get people past the misconception that they are concerned only with baking and needlepoint.

"As well as a lot of friendship within the Grafton branch, there are groups concerned with the environment, cultural awareness and international issues," she said.

The second CWA Awareness Day is being celebrated all across NSW and the ACT, and residents of Grafton and South Grafton are being asked to take some time tomorrow to better understand what the women of the CWA contribute to the state.

"As a statewide organisation, we have given $1 million worth of bequests, gifts and scholarships in the past 12 months. All of that money we have raised ourselves," Judy said. "If there is one thing the CWA does badly, it is that we don't mind who takes the credit for what we do, just as long as it gets done."

Throughout NSW and the ACT, branches meet monthly to take on projects such as fundraising for medical research, lobbying for better services for families of helping out in times of emergency.

If you are interested in learning what the CWA does, go along to See Park in Grafton tomorrow from 10am, where members of the Grafton and South Grafton branches will be on hand.

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