Dad cooked drugs to buy toys for kids

A FATHER of two young children bought glassware off eBay and turned a beer keg into a reduction vessel so he could cook amphetamines to fund their living expenses and buy toys.

But Scott Joseph Martin's main motivation for cooking methamphetamines from his Doonan home 50 to 60 times over three years was to fund his partner's $1200-a-day heroin addict.

He had learned how to make the drug when he was 19 but returned to cooking in 2007 when he felt the mother of his children, aged six and four, was being "ripped off".

Martin, aged 32 to 35 during the offending, was jailed for 5.5 years when he faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

He will be eligible for parole after he has served 22 months behind bars.

Police found pre-curser chemicals, such as hyperphosphorous acid and iodine, and other laboratory equipment when they executed a search warrant at the home on Eumundi-Noosa Road on June 21 last year.

The court heard the acid could have produced a maximum yield of 172.7g of amphetamines while another crystallised substance could have produced a maximum 2g of the drug.

Martin was the principal cook through most of the period and would sometimes supply customers with the drugs, which were sold in $100 lots.

The court heard they would profit more than $8000 a week though the figure would vary.

Justice David Jackson said Martin had not perfected a cooking method but would use between 10 and 40 boxes of cold and flu tablets each time.

He said the couple had five to six people a day visit the Doonan house to buy drugs but most of them were repeat customers.

"Neither of you were living the high life as she spent the majority of the money on her $1200-a-day heroin habit," Justice David Jackson said.

"The remaining proceeds from the sale would be spent on everyday living expenses such as rent, eating and toys for the children.

"You said you weren't forced to cook amphetamines but you were trying to do the right thing because everyone was ripping Amy off."

The court heard he had a history of drug production with police finding ingredients and lab equipment for making amphetamines and other hydroponic set-ups for growing marijuana in past years.

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