Daily Examiner continues to grow in strength

THE news continues to be good for the Daily Examiner with the first three months of the year placing the paper amongst the leaders in circulation growth in the nation.

Examiner Editor, Peter Chapman, said that at a time when many national businesses were feeling the economic pinch the Examiner was bucking the trend.

“Our success also reflects the strength of the Clarence River economy which continues to also resist the downturn being experienced in many other parts of Australia,” he said.

“Our paper is also in line with most papers in Australia which are showing great fighting qualities in maintaining revenue despite the nation's economic volatility.

The latest newspaper figures reveal the combined advertising revenue of all newspapers in Australia declined by just 0.6 per cent during 2008.

Key newspaper advertising revenue categories grew strongly, including national, up by 1.3 per cent, retail up by 2.1per cent and magazines up by 5.1 per cent, a trend not repeated by newspapers in any of the key developed markets around the world.

In the classifieds ad revenue category, real estate grew by 1.5 per cent and general rose 2.6 per cent in difficult conditions.

Employment classifieds reflected the prevailing economic conditions, particularly as companies cut back on their hiring intentions. This category declined by 12.3 per cent, but is expected to recover following this cyclical decline.

Industry representative body the Newspaper Works CEO Tony Hale said the latest statistics were a great vote of confidence by advertisers in the future of newspapers.

“All sectors have performed strongly, with national and retail advertising defying negative predictions given the economic downturn, reduced government expenditure and the impact of the Olympic Games,” he said.

While advertising revenue in Australia remained stable, contracting by just 0.6 per cent , the UK fell by 12 per cent, and figures just released for the US reveal a 17.7 per cent drop.

Australia also enjoys the highest share of global ad revenues at 35 per cent, compared to the global newspaper share of 28 per cent.

“These figures prove yet again the robust state of the Australian newspaper sector. The US and UK could only dream of such results. The quality of our papers and penetration into our markets is unrivalled which helps us to weather even the toughest economic climate,” Hale said.

“This year will be tough for all media, however, we expect national, retail and magazine newspaper advertising to remain solid.”

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