Darren Kenneth Dawe pleaded guilty to attempted arson and several other offences when he faced Townsville District Court.
Darren Kenneth Dawe pleaded guilty to attempted arson and several other offences when he faced Townsville District Court.

Man douses house in petrol and attacks ambo

A MAN who caused a three hour police siege when he doused a house in petrol and threatened to set it alight brutally attacked a paramedic just six months later.

Darren Kenneth Dawe pleaded guilty to attempted arson, threatening violence at night, two counts of serious assault of police and one count of serious assault on a public officer causing bodily harm.

On August 31, 2015, Dawe had been drinking at his house on Weaver St, Heatley, when he flew into a rage after a disagreement with his ex-wife.

Crown prosecutor Holly Trentin said the 48-year-old lived on the bottom level of the house with her new partner while Dawe lived upstairs with his children.

"The defendant went downstairs to talk to (his ex-wife) and she refused to talk to him because he was too drunk," Ms Trentin said.

"She did not allow the children to go back upstairs with him for the night because he was acting aggressively.

"At about 7.45pm the defendant went back downstairs, grabbed a can of petrol and barricaded himself in the bedroom… he poured (the petrol) over the floor."

Ms Trentin said the children were removed from the area and police were called.

"A three hour police siege resulted," she said.

"At various times the defendant stood in the window holding the petrol can and flicking a lighter on."

Two police officers attempted to negotiate with Dawe and reported hearing him say that he was pouring fuel over his body and wanted to burn the house down.

Ms Trentin said at one stage he rushed towards a door with a large butcher's knife and waved it in the direction of police.

Eventually police were able to resolve the situation and Dawe was arrested and bailed.

Six months later police and ambulance services were called to attend Woolcock St where the Dawe was found lying unconscious on grass near the road.

While being driven to hospital he got up and punched a paramedic multiple times to the face causing a cut and swelling to his nose.

Dawe was restrained and sedated.

His defence barrister Clare Grant said her client was suffering from mental health issues at the time of both incidents and the delay in his court proceedings was due to his mental health problems.

Ms Grant said Dawe had made significant efforts towards rehabilitation including completing a seven month alcohol rehabilitation course with the Salvation Army.

She said her client had begun attending church and was employed in his "dream job" washing dishes and collecting glasses at Brothers Leagues Club.

Judge Michael Shanahan took into account Dawe's efforts towards rehabilitation and the fact he had committed no offending prior to or since the two incidents.

Dawe was sentenced to 18 months jail for the offences relating to the siege and six months for the attack on the ambulance officer. He was granted immediate release and will be on parole for the next two years.

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