Dash cam crash stumps motorists online

A TWO car bingle at one of Coffs Harbour's busiest, most problematic intersections that was captured on dash cam serves as a warning to all local motorists. 

Quite clearly not everyone behind the wheel at the intersection of Grafton St/the Pacific Highway, Harbour Dr and West High St actually understand, which lanes of traffic have right of way.

Regularly vehicles are seen turning right out of West High St, cutting completely across traffic headed west on Harbour Dr after both lanes are given a green light.

In this instance, a 4WD waiting for pedestrians to cross the highway attempts to turn left out of Harbour Dr and merge into the inside lane of the highway headed south.

Yet in the driver's blind side is a vehicle turning right out of West High St and bang...

The video posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page had hundreds of members across Australia debating which vehicle should have given way.

Locals who know the intersection know the right scenario, but it still created a widespread debate.

So does the intersection need to be reviewed?

The intersection was last year improved with car parking spaces fronting the Coffs Hotel being turned into a left hand turning lane.  

While we are at it let us know the worst intersections on the Coffs Coast that need reviewing.

Email your issues and examples to editor@coffscoastadvocate.com.au

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