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Data records broken on Telstra free day

TELSTRA'S latest free data day on Sunday broke the network's single-day download record, despite complaints from customers of slow download speeds.

A staggering 2686 terabytes of data was downloaded by Telstra mobile customers, smashing the previous record by more than 800 terabytes.

Sunday was the second free data day this year for Telstra, as it attempts to make amends to customers impacted by mass network outages.

A Telstra spokesperson said the mobile network performed strongly, as millions of customers across Australia took advantage of the offer.

"Over a 24-hour period, or 25 hours for those living in states where daylight savings ended, customers downloaded the most amount of data ever on our mobile network," the spokesperson said.

"By the end of Sunday, our customers had download 2686 terabytes of data, which is 46% more than the amount downloaded on Free Data Day on February 14, and equivalent to 3.4million HD movies.

"The previous record of 1841 terabytes reached on our first Free Data Day was surpassed at 4pm AEST. We reached the peak network traffic level of the previous Free Data Day by 8am and stayed above that level until midnight."

Unfortunately for the telco, many users flocked to Twitter to complain about slow download speeds, with Telstra responding to the complaints saying they saw "significant demand and have implemented software changes to stretch resources in the area to provide some relief".

The Telstra spokesperson said the free data day displayed the strength of the network, despite a few "hot spots where heavy users caused localised congestion".

"Overall, the majority of customers continued to experience a reliable level of service and we look forward to continuing to provide this well into the future."

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