Deadline for rates increase submissions extended

THE deadline for submissions on the Clarence Valley Council's possible application for a Special Rates Variation (SRV) has been extended.

Mayor Jim Simmons said the original closing date for submissions was November 25 but had been extended until December 2 to make sure people had ample opportunity to comment.

"Australia Post was to deliver background material about the proposal last week but there were delays and most people have probably only received this information in the last day or two," he said.

"It's partly for that reason, but largely just to ensure anybody who wants to comment on the proposal doesn't miss out."

Cr Simmons said council received a one-off SRV for 2016/17 of 6.5%. That 6.5% included the rate-pegged limit of 1.8%.

"That SRV is due to finish at the end of June 2017 and, if there is no SRV adopted for 2017/18, most of that 6.5% increase (everything apart from the approved rate pegged rise) will come off rates bills and most rates will go down," he said.

"However, if council receives another SRV (this time 9%, albeit in effect 1.8% above the current level plus the 2017/18 rate peg) and that increase is approved - the 6.5% increase from the current rates bill will be retained and added to the pegged limit estimated to be 2.5% for 2017/18."

"It would also be retained into the future. It would result in about a 4.3% increase in the general rate on most current rates notices. It would not apply to annual domestic waste collection services, water or sewer charges or on-site effluent management charges. Future increases from 2018/19 would be in line with the rate pegged limit."

People can complete a survey by visiting or by completing a survey form at council offices. They can also make submissions by emailing or writing to Clarence Valley Council, Locked Bag 23, Grafton, 2460.

Community information meetings will be held at the council chambers in Grafton at 5.30pm today (Tuesday, November 22) and at 5.30pm in the council chambers in Maclean tomorrow (Wednesday, November 23). Submissions close 4pm, December 2, 2016.

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