28 killed, 61 injured in Turkey car bomb blast

Around 28 people have been killed after an apparent car bomb rocked the Turkish capital of Ankara.

Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu said a further 61 were wounded. 

A statement from the armed forces said a bus carrying military personnel was targeted when it stopped at a set of traffic lights outside army barracks.

It is thought the blast occurred just a few hundred metres away from the parliament and the military headquarters in the centre of the city.

Videos and images posted on social media showed large flames straight after the explosion and plumes of smokes rising into the sky, said to be over downtown Eskisehir Avenue.


AP has reported the Ankara governor, Mehmet Kılıçda, saying it was a car bomb.

Medical officials have reported 20 ambulances were scrambled to the scene.

Hurriyet Daily News reported Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu saying: "We are looking into details of the 


He has allegedly cancelled his trip to Brussels, after he was due to leave later this evening.

They reported the attack occurred as a high-level security meeting was being held at the Presidential Palace under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

They quoted AKP, Turkey's ruling party, spokesman Ömer Çelik as posting on twitter: "Terror has attacked treacherously in Ankara. We curse this attack."


A Turkish official told Reuters that early signs indicated it the attack was carried out by the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK) but no other source has confirmed this.


Mr Erdogan's government has been accused of ramping up the rhetoric against the PKK following a breakdown in peace negotiations between the government and the separatist group last June.

Isis have been known to carry out attacks on Turkey - with a suicide attack on the border town of Suruc killing 28 people and wounding 100 others last August.

The terror group object to Turkey's intervention in Syria - which was stepped up following the Suruc attack.

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