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Deal to keep Bali boy from jail

PROSECUTORS have given the green light for the Australian boy detained for allegedly buying cannabis in Bali to avoid a stint in Kerobokan prison, providing his family can guarantee he will not run away, repeat offend or destroy evidence.

The positive comments from two senior prosecutors based in Bali are critical because they are expected to take over the case from police this week and will determine where the boy is held while he awaits a court appearance.

Usually, prosecutors send minors to Kerobokan prison, but I.B Chandra, head of the special crimes division at the office, told Fairfax Media an exception could be made, especially as the offence was a relatively minor one.

"It's possible to hold the suspect in a place other than Kerobokan. We have to consider that he is a minor," he said.

"The main reason to detain someone is to ensure the suspect will not run away, will not repeat his offence and not destroy evidence ... as long as these three aspects can be guaranteed, we will consider the alternative favourably."

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