Dennis scores double delight

DENNIS Hilton scored a winning double in the penultimate stage of the Captains Trophy at the Grafton Rifle Club full bore event on Saturday.

Shooting from the 300-yards mound, Hilton defied the rain to win the Full Bore Elgas Top off the Rifle trophy and the Daily Aggregate.

Peter Drew won the Elgas Trophy in the ‘F’ Class event while Rob McCracken took out the Daily Aggregate.

Hilton, Drew and Tony O’Keeffe each recorded possible.

They say that mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun and a similar phrase could be applied to those members of Grafton Rifle Club who elected to compete in the rain on Saturday.

As the entries were being tabulated and the draw arranged, the rain started to increase steadily.

Some members elected to stay away, some went home, some found other things to do, but a hardy group decided that they needed practice in the rain, just in case it is wet at the next prize meeting.

They donned their wet-weather gear, sent markers to the pit and prepared to compete as the rain steadily increased.

The markers and targets were soaked at the end of the day but the team managed some particularly good scores despite the trying conditions.

The club welcomed new member Glen McPhillips to the art of full bore target shooting.

Glen has accompanied his son to Field Class events for a number of weeks but he stayed on to try his hand at ‘F’ Class competition.

It is probable that he will not forget his first attempt in the rain as he recorded some quite creditable scores for a first-time effort at the discipline.

Welcome aboard Glen, it is so much more enjoyable when the sun is shining.

In other club news, Ian Griffiths has returned from his trip to the Apple Isle were he was able to secure a badge in the Davis lead-up to the Tasmanian Queens, finishing seventh in the Queens and eighth in the Grand Aggregate.

Peter Drew competed Spring Ridge, taking out the ‘F’ Class Aggregate.

The NRAA has developed a grading system for ‘F’ Class competition and details are available on the NSWRA website.

‘F’ class competitors are encouraged to visit the site and acquaint themselves with the new system, which will be implemented on July 1.

Members intending to go to the presentation dinner next Friday should have already supplied their names and payment to the secretary.

Late nominations can be accepted if you hurry.

Competition will continue next Saturday at 1.15pm from the 400-yard mound for the final stage of the Captains Trophy.

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