Desex to decrease death

THEY are born, only to die.

Failure to desex domestic animals results in more than 300,000 unwanted dogs, cats and kittens being euthanased in Australia each year because there are not enough homes for them. And Pam Holmes from Grafton Animal Rescue (GAR) is determined to halt this increasing, yet avoidable, cycle of death.

Hoping to reduce the breeding population of Clarence Valley felines in 2011, Pam is encouraging pet owners, including pensioners and healthcare card holders, to take advantage of the female cat desexing subsidy program which provides funding to assist owners in having their beloved companions spayed.

Eligible owners will pay just $50 to have their female cats desexed with funding from GAR to subsidise the remainder of the cost of the operation.

"It's important people desex their pets if they want to avoid having an unwanted number of animals," Pam said.

"Cats can breed from five months old and one female can produce four litters of up to five kittens a year.

"Mass desexing is the easiest, fastest solution to reducing the numbers of unwanted animals which are euthanised. Those which are not euthanised only increase the feral animal population.

"I know desexing is expensive, especially for people on low incomes and that is why these programs are important. We're able to help owners and raise awareness of pet responsibility."

Dr Vicki Barnett, a veterinary surgeon at Clarence Valley Vet Clinic, said kittens could be desexed as early as five months.

"A lot of people don't think about the repercussions of not desexing their pets," she said.

"Spring is the main breeding time and our main concern is desexing cats to prevent unwanted kittens being born."

GAR has funding to subsidise the cost of spaying for 35 female cats and kittens. Owners must present a current pension or healthcare card prior to surgery.

To make an appointment, call Clarence Valley Vet Clinic on 6642 4224.

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