The North Coast Storm Chasers posted this image along with the warning.
The North Coast Storm Chasers posted this image along with the warning.

Destructive supercell could be headed to our region

BATTEN down the hatches, because the North Coast Storm Chasers are predicting severe thunderstorms and supercells for tomorrow.

"Friday we have absolutely smashing conditions that will assist with not only thunderstorms but even supercells (destructive storms) with a combination of an approaching and stalling trough, a cold front battling against a strong NE wind which in return will stall the system/push it back where it came from and very cold upper atmospheric temperatures," Antonio Parancin posted on the North Coast Storm Chasers Facebook page.

"We should see storms turn severe very very quickly and in a very widespread area.

"At this stage the majority will wake up to light / moderate SE winds anywhere around and south of the border of QLD.

"This is the southerly that will come through early that morning.

"Strong and moist NE winds ahead of the front will strengthen and thus push the southerly back south or even 'fizzle' it out and we will then be overtaken by NE winds.

"Once this occurs is when we will start seeing our thunderstorms spark up and start making their move towards the NE.

"Storms will very very quickly develop into severe storms especially in the purple zone where I would not be surprised to see a supercell or supercells!"

The North Coast Storm Chasers said if a supercell or severe storm forms we can expect:

  • Large to very large hail (Golf ball to above tennis ball)
  • Damaging/Destructive winds (Caused by outflow/microbusrts)
  • Flash Flooding (Intense rainfall rates)
  • Frequent Lightning (Especially in supercells)

"Ahead of time I am warning you guys that Friday has the potential to become a destructive and very mean day very fast," Mr Parancin said.

"With the southerly wind very likely stalling or fizzling out this will bring moisture not only from the SE but also the NE so there two pools of moisture will assist thunderstorms to start forming very quickly - along the ranges at first but by the afternoon/evening we will be looking at very likely massive storms where they might even affect further north than my shading.

"If you are planning anything this Friday afternoon outdoors I would cancel it.

"Please don't forget to secure your loose items around your house.

"Assure all gutters are clear and drains and if in need of the SES dial 132 500."

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