The more things change, the more they stay the same.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

DEX FILES: How does closing off Prince St sound?


TRUSCOTT - CHILDS. - The Reverend and Mrs. W. H. S. Childs, of Cessnock, have much pleasure in announcing the engagement of their eldest daughter, Elizabeth Ruth, to Maxwell Douglass Chatfield, the elder son of Dr. and Mrs. M. S. Truscott, of Grafton.



The businessman of the main shopping block in Grafton's Prince street are being asked by the city council to consider the possibility of the block - from Fitzroy to Pound streets - being converted into a shopping mall. This would involve the banning of all through traffic and the conversion of the area into garden and rest areas for shoppers.

The suggestion, sponsored by town planner, Mr. Cleveland Rose, is nothing more than a possibility at present. Whether it ever becomes anything else will depend primarily on the views of the businessmen in the area concerned.

The automatic reaction of the businessmen might well be to turn the idea down. There may be sound reasons for such a viewpoint, but if it is based on no more that off-the-cuff reasoning it might be advisable to look at other centres and consider what they are doing or contemplating before closing the door.



The rock wall to protect the foreshores of the camping reserve and caravan park at Brooms Head has proved a success. The member for Clarence, Mr. W. R. Weiley, who inspected the work during the week-end, said the wall had been given a severe test two days after completion.

A king tide plus heavy seas had pounded the wall and washed right over it in places, but the wall had stood firm and had prevented further erosion.



The grounds of Rathgar Home were ablaze with colour and excitement and happy chatter on Saturday afternoon where the annual fair was conducted in warm, sunny conditions.

Young patrons were particularly catered for with pony rides, a shooting gallery and horse and dray rides available to them.



The Lawrence Local Association for Guiding had quite a busy year with the main fundraising activities two big days, a tennis tournament, and a hoi and beetles.

The annual meeting was told both were very successful. The association also ran regular tennis tournaments fortnightly during the cooler months of the year.



Problem: I am a widow of 40. Sometimes I feel lonely, but as I have a daughter of 11, my time is fairly well occupied. Some time ago I met a man and must confess I encouraged him. He has taken it for granted that we shall marry, and I have even visited his people. However, his continuous nattering about trivialities has me feel I cannot stand anymore of his company. He is very nice and I hate to hurt him, so how can I break away?

Answer: You must be frank and let him know as early as possible that you are not prepared to marry him, and in the circumstances it is only fair to terminate the friendship that may encourage him to believe will be enduring.

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