50 years ago a lion attacked two children in Beenleigh. Photo: (Susan Poag/Audubon Nature Institute via AP)
50 years ago a lion attacked two children in Beenleigh. Photo: (Susan Poag/Audubon Nature Institute via AP)

DEX FILES: Lion mauls two children

In the Daily Examiner 50 years ago.



Recently the Clarence Valley Field Naturalists Club said it had consistently received reports of animals being killed on the roads in the area. Most of these reports were of animals killed on the Casino Road from just outside Grafton to close to Casino.

The club said it had received reports of as many as 10 freshly killed animals being counted on one trip over the road.



The management committee of Ashton's Animal Kingdom near Beenleigh, scene of Saturday's mauling by a lion of two young children, will investigate the accident this week.

Spokesman for the committee, Mr. F. W. Lippiatt, said last night it was thought that the facts, as known did not disclose any inadequacies in the security arrangements at the Animal Kingdom.

On Saturday afternoon, Michael Anthony McNally (2) and his sister Sandra Lee Ann (3) of Beenleigh were savaged by a pregnant lioness.

Beenleigh police said the attack came after one of the car doors had been left open during a tour of the park.

A hospital spokesman said last night that Michael McNally was in a satisfactory condition. His sister had been allowed to go home during the day.



The changeover to the metric system would introduce extensive problems for builders and increase building costs, Mr. J. Martin, executive director of the N.S.W. Master Builders' Association, predicted today.

On a brighter note, however, Mr. Martin said the long-term effect of the changeover would benefit the community.



An important conference of local government bodies to discuss many vital matters which could establish future policy for the development of the Clarence Valley would be held at Grafton soon.

In announcing this, the Mayor of Grafton, Mr. Neville Weiley, said that all shires on the river had indicated their willingness to be represented.



A bell-shaped cake was made by the mother of the bride for the wedding of Anne Maria Collins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Collins, of 197 Turf street, Grafton, and Lenton Edward Benfield.



Problem: I am 22 and married with three children. Lately I have been drinking with friends who keep telling me it is stupid to be tied down at my age. They said I have not sowed my wild oats. I feel as if I have been tricked into marriage, and although fond of my wife and children, am desperate for my freedom. I know my parents would take the children if my wife and separated. Do you think this might be the best course to take? - "Fun Lover"

Answer: You married at an early age, and that is some explanation, but no justification for your discontent. Marriage is a serious and sacred step, and if taken by a just and thoughtful man, must bring happiness and a sense of pride in a life well spent.

Your attitude is inspired by worthless companions who are failures themselves and dislike seeing anyone else succeed. You wish to desert your wife and children, placing the onus on relatives, and for what purpose? To squander your time and resources on fools who find nothing better to do than stand around a bar muddling their minds with liquor.

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