DEX has a new role

APART from being the Clarence Valley's number one source of a wide range of local news and sport, there is now another reason to pick up your copy of The Daily Examiner.

Clarence Valley Council's new waste system means food scraps can no longer be put into plastic bags, but have to be wrapped in newspaper.

So, in line with the Our Time Now campaign, which aims to support local business, we're encouraging Valley residents to pick up a copy of your local paper, read it, then wrap your scraps in The DEX.

Now I'm not sure how things are going at your home, but I've been getting into all sorts of strife trying to find the best way to line my little green kitchen bin.

I've tried stuffing it with paper but inevitably the food scraps go everywhere and I end up in a real mess.

Clarence Valley Council staff were kind enough to provide us with some origami instructions for their solution to the newspaper scrap challenge, which DEX staff experimented with yesterday, with varying degrees of success.

We'll print those instructions in Thursday's edition, but in the meantime thought we'd open up a competition for readers to come up with their own origami design.

Send your instructions to or bring them into the office and show us how it's done. The best design will see the winning origami expert receive a free six-week subscription to The DEX.

We'll make a video showing our online users how to make it and feature your instructions in our print edition.

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