DEX Instagram hits 1000 followers

THE Daily Examiner team was thrilled to discover its Instagram page has broken the 1000 followers mark.

Editor Bill North said Instagram had become an essential social media channel for engaging with the community through visual story-telling.

"Our aim of using Instagram is to connect with readers from a visual platform, to celebrate the beauty of the Clarence Valley and the stories that come with them, so this is a great result,” Mr North said.

"While there is some crossover with Facebook readers, those following us on Instagram are largely a different audience so we're mindful to create posts that take on a more positive perspective of our newspaper, be it a contributed photo of the day or a behind-the-scenes shot of the team.”

The page provides a mix of photographs and video footage provided by the newspaper team and by reader contributions.

"Instagram has been a great way of showcasing the amazing photographs that come from our community, be it from the team here at the DEX or our readers, so we're definitely going to keep going with it,” Mr North said.

"We have really only dipped our toes in the water in the relatively short time we've used Instagram and it's a space people can expect to see us more heavily involved with.”

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