Josh Sommer gets an awkward delivery in Daily Examiner open cricket match at McKittrick Park.
Josh Sommer gets an awkward delivery in Daily Examiner open cricket match at McKittrick Park.

DEX SHIELD: McAuley’s grand final triple treat

DEX SHIELD: McAuley Catholic College have won through to all three finals of the 2020 Super 8s Cricket DEX Shield, though not all results went their way in the final round matches of the competition on Tuesday night.

It was a McAuley College and Grafton High School showdown under lights at McKittrick Park, with Grafton High earning bragging rights in both the Open Girls and Open Boys divisions, while McAuley took out the win in the Under-14s.

McAuley started the evening in dominant fashion with the bat, making the most of Grafton High's decision to send them in after winning the toss.

Theodore Lobsey (retired 20) and Axel Hargans (22*) carried their bats through the innings, working the bowling over and hitting boundaries when presented.

Getting through their eight overs without losing a wicket, McAuley set Grafton High's under-14s an imposing 0-82.

Far from out of the game, Grafton High built partnerships throughout however lost wickets throughout their innings to finish just two runs short of the required total on 4-80. A countback on net runrate saw South Grafton High, who also suffered a narrow loss to McAuley the previous week, sneak ahead of Grafton High to quality for next Tuesday's final against McAuley.

In the Open Girls, Grafton High made light work of the McAuley bowling attack as Caitlin Chevalley (20*) Ashleigh Ensby (20 retired) and Mackenna Ensbey (18*) went about setting their side's total of 0-81 off their eight overs.

In reply McAuley struggled to gain momentum with Ashleigh Ensbey keeping the pressure on her opponents with the ball (2 for 8 off 2). While some wayward bowling saw 41 extras added to McAuley's total, and Annabel Bindon (13) digging in to top score for her side, it wasn't enough for them to reign in Grafton High's target, and McAuley finished the innings on 4-72.

The Open Boys clash finished off the night of cricket action with McAuley batting first. After some early wickets, the middle order of Josh Sommer (11*) and Tom Mullins (11) helped their side to reach 4-77.

In reply Grafton High got to work as openers Tyler Gaddes (23) and Alex Bertus (22*) making inroads into the total with some big boundary hitting as Grafton High finished the game 2-79 in just six overs.

Next Tuesday will see the finals of the 2020 Daily Examiner Shield Super 8s competition with McAuley taking on South Grafton in the Under-14s at 4pm, and Grafton High facing McAuley in the open girls at 5.30pm and Open Boys under lights at 7pm.

Full canteen facilities will be available.



Round 3


At McKittrick Park


McAuley Innings

T Lobsey retired 20

A Hargans not out 22

P Brophy not out 8

Extras (b 14 w16 nb 2) 32

NO wickets for 82

Overs: 8

Bowling: J Donovan 2-0-22-0, W Lucas 1-0-7-0, T Paxton 1-0-4-0, Z Farrell 1-0-9-0, T Hill 1-0-10-0, E Jones 1-0-10-0, K Simpson 1-0-6-0.

Grafton High Innings

W Lucas b Carroll 15 T Paxton b Black 7

J Donovan c Nipperess  b Lobsey 16

Z Ferrell run out 7

K Simpson not out 4

S Buggy not out 2

Extras (b 5 w 18 nb 6) 29

FOUR wickets for 80

Overs: 8 FoW: 1-16 (T Paxton) 2-37 (W Lucas) 3-58 (J Donovan) 4-59 (Z Farrell)

Bowling: S Mooney 1-0-9-0, C Black 2-0-21-1, K Nipperess 1-0-8-0, M Carroll P 1-0-10-1, Brophy 1-0-17-0, T Lobsey 2-0-8-1.

*McAuley won by 2 runs


Grafton High Innings

C Chevalley retired 20

A Ensbey retired 20

M Ensbey not out 18

L Sear not out 5

Extras 17

NO wickets for 81

Overs: 8

Bowling: H Sangster 2-0-13-0, E Goodall 2-0-28-0, G Kroehnert 1-0-15-0, L Harley 1-0-11-0, E Munro 1-0-9-0, A Bindon 1-0-5-0.

McAuley Innings

L Harley b Chevalley 4

A Bindon b A Ensbey 13

E Goodall b A Ensbey 3

E Munro c  Sear b Sevil 4

H Sangster not out 5

G Kroehnert not out 2

Extras (b 3 w 16 nb 22) 41

FOUR wickets for 72

Overs: 8

FoW: 1-8 (L Harley) 2-18 (E Goodall) 3-54 (E Munro) 4-69 (A Bindon)

Bowling: C Chevally 1-0-10-1, A Ensbey 2-0-8-2, M Ensbey 1-0-11-0, J Sear 1-0-9-0, L Sear 1-0-14-0, K Sevil 1-0-8-1, C Ryan 1-0-9-0.

*Grafton High won by 9 runs


McAuley Innings

J Imeson c&b Gaddes 12

E Speed c&b Ensby 1

C Lewis c Lucas b Woods 7

J Ashby b Gallagher 8

J Sommer not out 11

T Mullins c Gaddes b Lucas 11

X Hodgson not out 1

Extras (b 4 w 12 nb 10) 26

FOUR wickets for 77

Overs: 8

FoW: 1-5 (E Speed) 2-23 (J Imeson) 3-27 (C Lewis) 4-41 (J Ashby) 5-72 (T Mullins)

Bowling: H Ensbey 2-0-20-1, E Lucas 2-0-14-0, T Gaddes 1-0-8-1, H Woods 1-0-7-1, J Gallagher 1-0-15-1, N Fahey 1-0-11-0.

Grafton High Innings

T Gaddes b Ashby 23

A Bertus not out 22

H Woods b Speed 10

N Fahey not out 3

Extras (b 7 w 10 nb 4) 21

TWO wickets for 79

Overs: 6

FoW: 1-38 (T Gaddes) 2-68 (H Woods)

Bowling: X Hodgson 1-0-7-0, T Mullins 1-0-14-0, C Lewis 1-0-12-0, J Ashby 1-0-9-1, J Imeson 1-0-19-0, E Speed 1-0-14-1.

*Grafton High won by 6 wickets

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