Firebird reflects on diabetes struggle

SHOCKED, scared and confused.

That is what Diabetes NSW is saying people living with diabetes feel when they are first diagnosed.

But, Grafton's own netball sensation and Firebirds centre court player Verity Simmons said diabetes was not holding her back.

"I don't think it holds me back at all," Ms Simmons said.

"There is nothing I can't do or am restricted in."

Ms Simmons said she trained full time for the Firebirds and that netball was her life, even with type-one diabetes.

"I think mentally you have to learn and understand about diabetes," she said.

"You've got to learn to take on the challenge.

"Each year you get more on top of it.

"Diabetes is frustrating but it's not unmanageable."

Diabetes NSW CEO Sturt Eastwood said Diabetes NSW was encouraging people with type one and two diabetes to see their GP for emotional and mental support.

"We know that a diabetes diagnosis can be hard, not only on the person diagnosed but also on the family," Mr Eastwood said.

"While Diabetes NSW is here to support all Australians impacted by diabetes, we are encouraging those living with diabetes to lean on their healthcare professional, family and friends for support."

Type-one diabetes is when the pancrease does not make any insulin, which is needed to break down glucose.

Type-two diabetes is when the pancrease creates insufficient insulin.

The Clarence has the nineteenth highest population with diabetes in NSW.

Managing Diabetes

Regular exercise

Plenty of sleep

Low alcohol intake

Healthy diet


Allowing yourself to feel your emotions

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