Diggers won't march alone

DESCENDANTS of Diggers will be allowed to march in Clarence Valley Anzac Day parades, according to Grafton Returned Services League (RSL) president Brian Bultitude.

Mr Bultitude was yesterday critical of the stance taken this week by NSW RSL president Don Rowe, who announced that Diggers could only have one relative march with them at next month's parade.

Mr Bultitude wanted to clarify Mr Rowe's announcement by ensuring the Clarence Valley public knew it only applied to the Sydney Anzac Day parade.

Mr Bultitude said the Grafton branch welcomed the participation of descendants. He encouraged children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Diggers to march in the Grafton parade and wear their relatives medals with pride.

“We encourage children to participate because it's about remembrance. That's where our country came from, from that time in our history,” he said.

“It's lovely to have the children joining in because that's what Australia is all about.

“Some of the Diggers are getting older and they join the march at the council chambers. That's why we ask the relatives to march with us from Market Square, to take the place of their grandfathers.

“So long as they wear the medals on the appropriate side, everyone is very welcome to join in,” he said.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Rowe's main concern was that the Diggers weren't getting the recognition they deserved in the parade because they were being swamped by descendants.

Mr Bultitude said if any local schools had students that would like to speak at Grafton's Anzac Day events, they should contact the Grafton RSL on 6642 4399.

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