Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace were the Power 30 People's Choice Award winners.
Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace were the Power 30 People's Choice Award winners.

Dirtgirl creators take out top spot

WITH any overwhelming 25% lead in our Power 30 people's choice poll everybody's favourite eco-warriors Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace have taken out that title.

Coming in at No. 3 in Saturday's Daily Examiner's Power 30 official list finale, the creators of Dirtgirlworld were a popular choice with Clarence Valley voters.

The pair were very excited and honoured to be named third in the list amongst the Clarence Valley's most influential people but were heartened to hear they took out the people's choice title.

Cate McQuillen said she and Hewey prided themselves on being "pretty grounded, passionate about what we do and believe in", and grateful for all the encouragement , love and support they received.

"We are humbled that this community feel we deserve to be recognised for this," Cate said.

"We want to recognise everyone who smiles at us, shakes our hands, asks 'how's it going' or hugs us and tells us that their kids watch the show and do the stuff we write about or sing the songs or wait for the garbage trucks to wave madly at the driver, believing Dirtgirl and Scrapboy are in the back sorting it all out."

She said there had been some really exciting times over the past few years. "Big days and big events but most days we are like any small business owners...working away on the BAS , answering emails and planning for the future.

"There are days however, that are particularly humbling and today is one of those."

Cate said she couldn't help but think back to the time when all of this started.

"When the Two Pot Screamers would be playing at the pub or club or party and in between sets, we'd be raving on about an idea we had for a kids TV show. And you all listened and laughed and encouraged us. You all believed in us.

"I would pack that belief and love in my bag, along with my fluffy daks, and travel the world to share the idea and see if anyone else would believe the dream of two musicians from the bush.

"The rest we know. All those kids and families, all those gardens grown and rubbish sorted and compost made, fuelled by the love and belief of the Clarence Valley."

Big thanks

Cate also wanted to take this opportunity to recognise their fantastic team who helped to make all this happen.

"The big hearted , big talented people. Lots of locals from the Northern Rivers region. They have all influenced us and what we create.

"In particular we would love to take this POWERFUL opportunity to recognise some women from the Clarence Valley who have influenced us for a long or a short time, inspired us or nurtured us.

"Some are grown here and moved away. Some moved here and stayed. Some never left. Like any list , it's not complete. It should include hundreds of you. It should include men. It should have a paragraph about each of you and a lovely photo.

"But for now it is a list in no particular order of women who some of you will know and some who are quiet heroes. We want to thank you all for the power you have given us over the 28 years we have been here and the influence you have on the world around you:

Maree Lowes, Judy Hackett, Deb Novak, Kellie Shields, Vicki St Lawrence, Jane Brien, Zoe Coombs Marr, Sharon Lehman, Donna Van Haren, Suzanne Lynch, Gina Lopez, Eshana Bragg, Helen Tyas Tunggai, Joanna Terpstra, Janet Cavanaugh, Pauline Clague, Susanne Howland, Annie Dodd, Lesley Apps, Debbie Newton, Dr Sarah Maunsell, Jenny Vickery, Sue Noddy, Robyn Nixon, Linda Coombs, Justine McClymont, Laena Stephenson, Liz Weller, Samantha Louise, Mackenzie Harvison, Brooke and Sam and Molly McClymont, Shalane Connors, Anastasia Vlastaras, Georgia, Ruby and Lucy Hackett.

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