Discussions continue over Maclean car park

AN impending rescission motion against the sale of the Maclean car park may be made all the more interesting with Clarence Valley Council set to decide on the expansion of the area to include more parking spaces.

Council's civil and corporate committee will tomorrow consider recommended approval of the reconfiguration of the car park and Centenary Drive, following a public consultation period.

Despite all the interest that has been aroused with the car park and possible sale to build a new supermarket complex, only four submissions were received in relation to the concept.

If accepted, the car park will increase in size by another 84 car parks, with three car and caravan vacancies to be included.

It will also signal the loss of about 240m² of green space, another gripe from those opposing the sale of the land to private developers.

The meeting will hear that if approved, work on the site will not start until the second half of this year, and will cost council $239,000.

The report states that $260,000 had been allocated in the 2008/09 budget for the reconstruction of the car park, however, the Maclean Section 94 Carpark Reserve currently contains $218,977 meaning it is necessary to 'utilise the available S94 reserve and allocate an additional $20,023 in the 09/10 budget if sufficient S94 funds are not available at that time'.

“If the project is accepted as a reconfiguration/reconstruction project, future expenditure on staged reconstructions can also be met from the S94 Reserve if and when it is replenished through developer contributions,” the report says.

A sustainability assessment says the reconfiguration of the car park will lead to a number of existing trees in the car park being removed as part of the proposed works while 'one tree will require removal in Cameron Park, while around 240m² of grassed area will be lost'.

It also states that the existing car park infrastructure is 'currently sub-standard' and although 'the proposed works will not improve this to the optimum standard, but will increase spaces and enable a long-range reconstruction program to be put into place'.

Council's civil and corporate committee will meet tomorrow at 2pm.

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