Divot digger on notice

IF YOU'RE the bloke carving up the Westlawn Golf Course with your practice regime, it's time to stop while you can.

The reason being is the members of the little nine-hole course in the middle of the Grafton race track are fed up with your antics and according to club president Keith Ellem might not be responsible for their actions if they catch up with you.

"This idiot vandal has been hitting practise shots off the fairway and leaving the divots lying around the fairway," Mr Ellem said.

"By the size of some of the divots you would swear he was using a No. 5 shovel."

Mr Ellem said the person or people responsible were not paying for the privilege and ignoring a large sign clearly prohibiting practice drives on the fairway.

Most galling to the club is the person causing the damage is clearly a good golfer who is damaging a course not his own.

"He's doing something he can't do on his own course and butchering ours," Mr Ellem said.

"It's causing quite a bit of ill-feeling among the members here.

"A lot of them have been talking about what they will do if they catch him."

Mr Ellem said he and several other members had staked out the course at times they thought they might catch the offender.

"We haven't been able to nail them, but a while ago we did catch two kids who had been using the course without paying," he said.

"This is not an isolated incident. There's no pattern to it, but we know he'll be back."

Mr Ellem said the club would like people around the course to keep an eye out for people using the fairways for practice.

"We want people to help us catch him, or get him to cut it out," he said.

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