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Add finishing touch this Valentine Day with great hair



IT'S THAT time of year again. Valentine's Day, the time for lovers.

Enchanting the opposite sex is less of a challenge than you think. The right setting. The right outfit and great hair of course.

You should have the dinner reservation and the outfit in the bag by now, all that remains (unless you are a complete optimist and don't yet have a date) is putting the finishing touches to your efforts with great hair.

Unfortunately, in 2016 the day where hearts and flowers are the talk of the town falls on a Sunday and you will be hard pressed to find a hairdressing or beauty salon open locally.

Luckily with a little help from the beautiful Sage Butler and the multi-talented Ang Lagos-Jay behind the lens I am able to bring you a very cool Valentine's Day vintage waves DIY hairstyle to save the day and complete your jaw dropping look.

Here's how:

You will need: mousse - blow-dryer - flat or round brush - hairspray - bobby pins

1. Firstly you need a good strong mousse to hold your style in place all night and give body and bounce to those luscious curls. I usually say about the size of an orange is plenty but it's important that you distribute it throughout the whole head well.

My fav: Joico's Power Whip with level 9 hold factor and heat protectant for amazing hold and body that lasts days.

2. Once you've put in your mousse, blast your hair about 80% dry then smooth it out using either a paddle (flat) or round brush depending on your hair texture to give it bounce and shine.

3. Starting at the front take a section about one-inch-deep and spray from roots to tips with hairspray for added hold and curl with your wand. Continue this pattern through the centre of the head to the crown as shown. Make sure you don't let the curls drop when they are hot, pin them in as shown.

My fav: Joico's Power Spray with level 8-10 hold.

4. Then curl and pin straight down both sides and in a side to side (brickwork) pattern across the back. Leave your curls to cool down totally before taking out the pins and giving hair a thorough brush through.

5. When all the curls are brushed out, brush one side back and pin behind the ear for a vintage look, then either run your fingers through the others side for loose curl/waves or brush it quite firmly and slowly in a downward motion and release it slowly to allow it to form deep vintage waves.

6. Finish with another light spray of hairspray and add a mist of shine or shimmer spray to add a little bling.

PS Starting with a shampoo and conditioner designed to add body is another way to increase bounce and hold for a look like this if you have fine or limp hair.

Happy Valentine's. Kez x

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