DJ lord of the dance music

MARK Dynamix DJ extraordinaire answers the phone with gusto. He sounds surprisingly bright, happy and on the ball.

So much for those dance music DJs spending all their time in seedy clubs hunting out the latest beats.

No, it's all done on the internet these days. And Mark aka DMX should know, he's at the forefront of the nation's dance scene.

Purple prose aside, he's been hailed as the architect of Australian dance music - largely on the back of his popular Ministry of Sound compilations.

He has 27 mix CDs, eight original releases and multiple remixes to his name and, with sales fast approaching two million units worldwide, no Australian DJ has sold more albums.

His new baby is his independent label Long Distance Recordings, which launched globally last July to digital retail stores such as Beatport, Dance Music Hub and DJ Download.

The 33-year-old now spends a lot of his time sourcing new Australian talent for the label and introducing it overseas.

He said he was inspired to start the label to identify talented local unsigned artists and help them gain international attention.

“Overseas DJs don't look here, which is a shame because we just get spurned,” he said. “I can take the product over there and put it in the right hands.”

He wasn't always a doyen of dance music, however. He admits his first album was the Fraggle Rock soundtrack at the age of nine, closely followed by Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax.

“I could probably even sing you the Fraggle Rock theme song,” he laughed.

Having grown-up in the 1980s, Mark is a fan of the late-80s industrial UK sound. Asked which album he would save if a fire was threatening his collection, he nominated Depeche Mode's Violator.

Truth be known, he's such an avid collector of vinyl he'd probably try to take it all.

“I've been collecting since I was young so I've got so many treasured albums. If I was caught in a fire I'd probably grab a crate of records and die trying to carry them out,” he laughed.

Mark Dynamix is spinning at the Grafton District Services Club next Friday, April 24. He said he'd play all the popular tracks plus some new sounds from his burgeoning label. If you want to check out some of the offerings from Mark's new label, just go to

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