Inga Williams

Do you think self-serve checkouts should have an item limit?

NEWS that self-serve check-outs at Coles Supermarkets could be limited to 12 items has sparked a mix of responses from the Fraser Coast community.

The market giant is currently conducting trials at a number of stores, in a bid to cut down on theft expenses and eliminate shoplifting.

Some said the restriction would create a major inconvenience to their shopping experience while others expressed support for the move.

Tami Hammond said she chooses to use the self-serve so she has control over the way her groceries are packed, and the limit would be a bother.

"Actually I love self-serve," she said.

"I used to often go home only to find squashed bread or produce.

"I always go self-serve now so I can control how my groceries are packed - they're too expensive to throw out due to poor packing."

The item limit won't bother Vonnie Rose, who does not go to the self-serve at all.

"Get rid of self-serve all together.

"I refuse to use it and when staff point me in direction of them I just tell them I'm fine waiting in line for personal service."

Karen Meagain is glad for the new limit.

"Supermarkets rely too much on self-serve," she said.

"I have been forced many times to use self-serve with many items in my trolley and I really did not want to but they do not open the other checkouts.

"So time to pay real people to open real checkouts and yes, leave the self-serve for people with only a few items."

In support of giving people jobs, Pat Dachs put a hand up against the self-serve checkouts altogether.

"Should never have brought self-serve in, give people the jobs. Probably work out cheaper to employ new staff than the stolen items," Pat said.

A Coles Supermarkets is located on the Fraser Coast in Stockland Shopping Centre Hervey Bay, Pialba Place, and Station Square.

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