WATCH: Dog wreaks havoc during live cross


We've learnt many things in the last few weeks of lockdown.

Among the lessons are that people will absolutely, certainly, panic buy toilet paper if given the chance as well as the fact that a lot can actually go wrong if you're a TV reporter attempting to do live cross from home.

But if you're a dog person, this mishap by US meteorologist Paul Dellegatto is a happy accident featuring a very good boy.

The FOX WTVT weatherman was filming a segment about the upcoming forecast from his home in Tampa Bay, Florida which was being filmed through a window by a cameraman.

Things were going smoothly until Dellegatto's golden retriever Brody decided to crash the live cross.

Excuse me human …
Excuse me human …

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Brody jumped up onto his owner's lap to beg for snacks just as Dellegatto was running through the weather outlook.

"The map's not gonna move because he just whacked the computer with his head, so let me just verbalise the forecast OK?" a flustered Dellegatto said before wagging a finger at Brody and saying: "That wasn't very smart."

Despite the distraction of having a large dog on your lap, Dellegatto continued and that's when Brody decided to let the weatherman know what he thinks of his segment - by letting out a loud yawn.

No caption necessary.
No caption necessary.

To cap off his TV debut, Brody decided to hop off his owner's lap and head to the window where the cameraman was filming and jumping up to say hello to the stranger.

"Oh boy," Dellegatto sighed. "That's not good."

But it was in fact very good for viewers watching at home.
But it was in fact very good for viewers watching at home.

But while Dellegatto was embarrassed by his pooch crashing his live weather segment, viewers gave Brody's appearance a paws up.


"This is the best weather forecast in the history of television news," reporter Andrew Feinberg said as he tweeted the video, which has since been viewed more than 2.8 million times.

Dellegatto has seen the funny side of the unexpected weather segment, tweeting that "Brody says thank you" to all his new fans.



Last month another US TV reporter had a worse time than Dellegatto, with Melinda Meza accidentally sharing footage of her husband showering during a live cross.

In a segment about styling hair at home because of social distancing for California TV station KCRA 3, Meza filmed herself cutting her own fringe in the bathroom.

But she was unfortunately unaware that a man's reflection was visible in the mirror behind her - a completely naked man showering, to be exact.

The accidental photobomber was Meza's husband Mike de Lambert.

The unfortunate X-rated cross appeared to go unnoticed until the segment was posted to YouTube, with screenshots of the moment ending up on Twitter.

"Why did she use the bathroom instead of another room?" one person tweeted, while another joked it was a "pleasant surprise".

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