Dogs attacking livestock north of Lawrence

FARMERS north of Lawrence want to know if dogs which attacked their livestock, including alpacas, belong to neighbours.

The farmers, Cathie Donoghue and Fiona Saward, are waiting for a report from Clarence Valley Council rangers after two dog attacks on Back Kings Creek Rd.

The first attack happened about two months ago on the property of Kathy Donoghue.

Ms Donoghue had two calves killed by dogs and said she had contacted Council but not heard anything back.

"I don't know whose dogs they were but my partner saw two blue heelers near our house shortly after the attack," said Ms Donoghue.

The second attack happened on October 30 at about 2am on Fiona Saward's property which is adjacent to the Donoghue's.

Ms Saward runs alpacas and said she had never had dog problems on her property before.

"It was horrific," she said. "The alpacas were soaking wet and it looks as though they had swum out into the dam up to their necks,

"When we found them they were at the top of the paddock and clearly shaking in shock. I have never seen anything like it."

The alpacas are understood to be worth about $2000 each and Ms Saward said curing their wounds is an expensive process.

"We have had two visits from the vet and we are irrigating the wounds with iodine," she said.

Ms Saward said fly blow is quickly becoming a concern but was hopeful for the animal's survival.

She said the alpacas had even charged the fence out of fear and pushed over a fence post.

Both landowners called on the community to try and find out where the dogs had come from.

Deputy general manager of Clarence Valley Council Des Schroder said dog attacks are a big problem across the whole Northern Rivers Region.

"People often find it hard to believe their benign little pooch is out joining a pack and attacking animals," he said.

"We are doing an education program at the moment and the essential message is for people to know where their dogs are at night.

"Generally we will try and trace dogs back to their owners in cases like this," he said.

More on Clarence Valley Council's final response in tomorrow's paper.

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