Roaming dogs kill family's cats

A SOUTH Grafton man endured a trip to hell and back on Monday night when confronted by two snarling dogs at his front door.

Paul Windler was woken by his own dog, a Jack Russell terrier, growling at something outside.

He opened the door to find a bull terrier and a husky cross about a metre from him growling and showing their teeth.

Within seconds the dogs discovered the family’s cats and in a couple more seconds they had killed both of them while he watched.

“The way they went after them, it was just unbelievable,” he said.

“They just grabbed them in their mouths and shook them until they were dead.

“Then they went next door and tried to get the neighbour’s rabbit by pushing over its hutch.”

Mr Windler said police arrived while the dogs were next door and the dogs instantly bailed them up.

“The police tried to spray them with capsicum spray, but the dogs got away,” he said.

Mr Windler said for the next 90 minutes the police chased the dogs around South Grafton, watching them attempt to kill any cats they came across.

“They told us later that they were worried what the dogs might do if they were confronted by a person,” Mr Windler said.

He said the dogs eventually returned to the yard, where they attacked the rabbit, and the police were able to capture the husky cross.

On Tuesday Mr Windler’s traumatised family buried their two dead pets.

Clarence Valley Council ranger Tiffany Felton said police had dropped off the animal they caught and the owner had surrendered the other dog yesterday. Both animals were due to be destroyed.

She said the police had done a great job to catch one of the animals.

“It’s really difficult to catch dogs when they’re in that sort of situation,” she said.

She warned pet owners that there were hefty fines for allowing their animals to stray off their property without being leashed.

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