Donations requested for new version of Climate Commission

AUSSIES are being asked to dig deep to give to a new version of the Climate Commission abolished by the Abbott government.

Led by former commissioner Tim Flannery, who lost his job last week, the Climate Council aims to replicate the commission's work without government funding.

It will retain the services of all the commissioners from the original body, but Mr Flannery says they will volunteer their time to complete the work.

He said the new body would focus on providing independent, verifiable advice on climate change to the general public.

While the council had received more than $30,000 within hours of starting, Mr Flannery said the work would cost about $1 million a year to run.

He said rather than replacing the work of groups like WWF Australia, it would be an apolitical organisation focussing on translating complex science documents for the general public.

The council has already gained more than 11,000 "likes" on Facebook, with donations expected to increase in coming days.

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