Donnelly new president of GDSC

THE annual meeting of the GDSC Swimming Club was held on August 21 and Stephen Donnelly was elected president for the next 12 months.

Toni Ensbey took the jobs of secretary and publicity officer and Terry Marsh has taken over the position of treasurer.

Richard Sear held his position of summer captain and David Moon retained his position of winter captain.

The McSkimming clan had a stranglehold on all swimming events this week.

Before events began, the points winners for August were announced. Fourth on 36 points was Rod McSkimming, third with 37 points was Wilson Burns, second on 41 points was Toni Ensbey, and coming in first, and on 45 points was Luke McSkimming.

David Moon, Jenny Vickery, Bruce Durrington and Luke McSkimming were the finalists for the 25m freestyle. Vickery took off at a fast pace, making the back markers work extremely hard to catch her. Touching the tiles first, Vickery, hearing that she had swum too fast, gave a cheeky giggle, knowing that she would have taken some of the others with her. Sure enough, McSkimming was the only one not breaking and was awarded the win.

Rod McSkimming represented the clan in the 50m freestyle final. On the blocks with him were Moon and Damien O'Mahony. Only three swimmers contested this final because an entire heat was disqualified.

On the home run, O'Mahony and McSkimming fought for the lead, going stroke for stroke, with O'Mahony eventually touching just .28 of a second ahead. This competitiveness cost them the race because they were both disqualified, giving Moon the win.

Luke McSkimming, Bill Goddard, O'Mahony and Bruce Durrington qualified for the final of the 25m B B & B.

A few question marks were floating around after this race. Goddard, who  won the race by at least 30cm, was awarded the win even though McSkimming, the second place-getter, clocked a faster time.

This could result in "check Charlie" being reintroduced to our racing program.

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