Don’t reject tasty Easter treats

IT CHARMS you with its shiny wrapping, eggs you on with its aroma and by the time you've realised the number of calories you're about to ingest, only crumbs remain.

Yes, it is Easter and the chocolate eggs are on every corner you turn.

So just how does one decline that delicious velvety treat and not ruin all the hard work they have put in over the summer months?

Xplode Fitness personal trainer Craig Nipperess has some good news.

"You're better off having a little (bit of chocolate) and enjoying it rather than abstaining from it completely then having a giant binge," Mr Nipperess said.

"But if you are going to have a few Easter eggs, you just have to be prepared to work it off."

Mr Nipperess said just because it was Easter break, didn't mean you should break from your regular training or healthy eating regime.

"If you're not already, get into a good habit now with training mornings or afternoons or whatever suits you," he said.

"It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so don't hibernate - summer bodies are made in winter."

If you have got the kids home on school holidays, that's still no excuse not to get out and exercise.

Mr Nipperess said it was the perfect time to get down to the beach for a surf, head to the park or play a game of footy in the backyard.

"Don't just have a complete break over Easter - get out there and take the opportunity of a few days off to try new activities," he said.

Also, if you are going to have a few chockies this weekend, opt for dark chocolate which is much better for you.

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