Dressed to the benigns

ABOVE: Actor and fashion muse Chloe Sevigny takes normcore to new heights. BELOW: Normcore street-style. Photos:
ABOVE: Actor and fashion muse Chloe Sevigny takes normcore to new heights. BELOW: Normcore street-style. Photos:

FINALLY we have come to a point where it is now possible to be in fashion even without being particularly interested in the subject.

Blending in is the new standing out - and Larry David is this year's unlikely style icon. Welcome to Normcore, where dressing like a tourist is the ultimate fashion statement

Capes, fashion sneakers, crop tops and culottes were all highly Googled terms this year.

However the most searched fashion trend was something that never wanted to be a trend in the first place.

According to Google, the fashion trend we had the most questions about this year was Normcore.

Fashion, by its very nature, is a peacock of an industry - it is bright, extrovert and likes to show off. There is, however, always a minority that take a different approach to dressing - one that avoids the print-clashing, 'kerazy' shades and artful poses of street-style photographer bait. They go for something that is - well, there's no other way to put this - boring.

With the once exclusive world of fashion now open to all through social media, this trend makes sense. Those in the inner circle are rebelling against a "fashion" look and, instead, are adopting a uniform, one that is a blank canvas without easy-to-read 'Normcore' was originally used by K-HOLE (a New York trend forecasting group) to describe the ability to not stand out with lifestyle choices, which included the idea of dressing in nondescript clothing as a way of shunning fashions ever-changing trends.

Normcore recalls the early 90s, when a mix of slacker and skater cool made white t-shirts, Birkenstocks and cut-off denim skirts a highfashion look. So essential, the entire Clarence Valley is bang on trend.

Welcome to fashion, 2015 - where normal is the new cool. Good luck telling the tourists and top stylists apart.

The comfy, nondescript, low-key clothes you are wearing are authentically yours, which is more than can be said for the normcore crew. They are just faking it. You are the real deal. So enjoy the spotlight. This is your moment to shine, or not as it happens.

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