Ty Lynch’s story disputes claims from Bob Vanschie that it was more expensive to live in Yamba.
Ty Lynch’s story disputes claims from Bob Vanschie that it was more expensive to live in Yamba.

Drive dollar much further

DRIVING more than 1300km from Victoria to Yamba to get your car serviced seems extreme but not when it combines saving money and a holiday in paradise.

This is the philosophy of one of One Stop Tyre and Auto's customers, according to owner Ty Lynch.

Mr Lynch said he had more than 50 regular customers travelling from the Gold Coast and they still had change to spare compared to the cost of getting their car serviced near home.

"The money they save pays for a midweek night's accommodation and at the same time they get to eat out at any one of the local cafes or restaurants and spend money at the clubs and pubs while they are here as well."

Mr Lynch said customers told him they prefer the cheaper personalised service of his independent business over a pricy job at a dealership.

"Independent workshops within the Clarence Valley are normally anywhere from $50 to $60 dollars cheaper per hour," he said.

"People tell me they like the personal service and they are not getting charged for work that doesn't need to be done, which sometimes happens within this industry."

Much of Mr Lynch's business has come from word of mouth or referrals from other customers.

"We have got customers that spend a lot of their life on the road, grey nomads that we see once a year who come up from Victoria to get their car serviced," he said.

"I have got another gentleman who just travels around and I see him twice a year.

"We are finding that a lot of these people, through the network of caravanners, are actually talking and we are getting referrals from them."

Mr Lynch said all of his out-of-town customers spoke highly of the service and product quality they got from Yamba businesses.

"They love all the cafes, they love all the little boutique shops."

"Even down to the local fruit and vegies and the butchers ... they reckon the quality is much better from the little independents."

He said more locals should follow the lead of the visitors to Yamba and shop local.

"If people shop local, local independent businesses are going to have more buying power and they are going to be able to keep their prices down.

"We have got some fantastic local businesses and some great local people running them throughout the Clarence Valley."

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