Melissa White is left without a car after an accident on the Grafton Bridge.
Melissa White is left without a car after an accident on the Grafton Bridge.

No comeback as car written off

STOPPING on Grafton’s bendy bridge to give way to a B-double truck has come at a price for Melissa White.

Ms White, of Grafton, whose car has been written-off after a four-wheel-drive ran up the back of it, is devastated after finding out there is nothing her insurance company can do to help.

On Saturday afternoon Ms White was travelling towards Grafton when she stopped her car before a bend to give way to a truck travelling in the opposite direction. It is alleged that a Queensland-registered four-wheel-drive collided with the back of Ms White’s 1999 Peugeot, causing substantial damage.

The two drivers pulled over and called the police before exchanging details.

“The other driver is refusing to put a claim in and I only have third party so my insurance company won’t chase it up,” Ms White said yesterday.

Ms White said the fact the other driver refused to put in an insurance claim complicated the process.

“He said there wasn’t a stop or give-way sign so I shouldn’t have been stationary on the bridge in the first place,” she said. “I feel let down because the police attended yet no fine was issued and nothing has been done about it since.

“I have to walk to work now and I work night shifts so it is dangerous walking home in the dark.”

AAMI corporate affairs manager Mike Sopinski said this situation was complicated due to not knowing the full circumstances of the incident.

“Given the fact that the police have not yet established who is at fault in this particular instance it would be encouraging to see both parties involved contact their individual insurers to reach a mutual and acceptable arrangement,” he said.

Police attended the incident at around 1pm Saturday afternoon and recorded the accident as minor as both drivers showed no sign of injury, were not under the influence of alcohol and both vehicles were drivable. No fines were issued.

“I’m seeking legal advice and the next step is to send a letter of demand to the other driver but that is at my expense unless they are found guilty,” Ms White said.

The driver of the four-wheel-drive was not available for comment.

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