Drug supplier's texts: 'For you anything, my sweet'

TEXT message exchanges between a Warwick methamphetamines supplier and his customers triggered a search of his home last year and eventually led to his convictions in court.

Jeffrey Anthony Ware, 53, walked from the Toowoomba District Court after pleading guilty to supplying and possessing dangerous drugs.

The court heard police searched Ware's home on January 28 last year, locating and seizing two mobile phones, scales and other drug utensils, knuckle dusters and 10g of cannabis.

Examinations of the mobile phones found text message exchanges between Ware and two women asking if they could purchase methamphetamines on January 14 and 19 last year.

In response to one request for 0.2g from a woman on January 19, the court heard Ware replied: "For you anything, my sweet."

Ware had cooperated with police during the search of his property, admitting the cannabis and knuckle dusters, as well as the phones and scales, were his.

Barrister Scott Lynch, for Ward, said his client had a difficult upbringing and had first started using drugs around the age of 14 or 15.

That use continued until he turned 20 when he managed to get clean for eight years but returned to illicit drug use due to traumas in his life.

Mr Lynch said Ware had no problems with alcohol despite a previous drink driving conviction.

Judge Bernard Porter QC said the supply charge was the most serious before the court, but accepted submissions it was customers who contacted Ward as opposed to him approaching clients.

Judge Porter accepted Ware had the ongoing support of his sister who was present in the courtroom for the sentencing.

While jail time was justified, Judge Porter gave due regard to the early plea of guilty before the court and that Ware admitted to police the cannabis was his.

Ware was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with immediate parole.

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