Drunk wife-beater avoids jail

A MAN who punched and kneed his defacto wife before pushing a screwdriver into her back in a drunken rampage was given a nine-month suspended jail sentence in Grafton Local Court last week.

The victim of the assault told police that Christopher David Oldfield, of Woombah, physically assaulted her on a weekly basis and verbally abused her about twice daily, the court heard.

The woman said Oldfield began drinking about 11am on Saturday, July 9, and had yelled at the household's children throughout the day for "no apparent reason".

At 7.30pm, police said Oldfield verbally abused one of the woman's children for not helping remove some tree stumps on the property and the woman confronted him about it.

"You're a (expletives deleted). I am going to kill you and I'm going to kill the kids," was Oldfield's response, police said.

Police said Oldfield pushed the woman with both hands and she pushed back before he grabbed her by the throat.

The woman then slapped Oldfield across the face in defence and he left the house.

Police evidence stated he returned a short time later and said: "You hit me across the face, you're going to die," before pushing the victim, who fell over a chair.

The woman then ran into a loungeroom and Oldfield struck her across the head with his right forearm, forcing her to fall to the ground.

She told police she thought she must have been knocked unconscious for a moment because when she "came to" she saw Oldfield standing over her and punching her about the body and kneeing her once.

Oldfield's tirade continued when he dragged the woman into a bedroom in a headlock, choking her in the process.

The woman managed to get free and ran to a verandah before Oldfield picked up what police described as a "screwdriver/spark plug tool" and pushed the sharp end into the woman's back. Police said Oldfield then turned the tool into the woman's back.

Police said the victim bit Oldfield on the arm and told him she would call the police.

He then smashed the home's telephone, police said, before the victim told her daughter to go to a neighbour's house and call police.

Oldfield then ran into nearby bushland and police arrived a short time later. He came back to the house soon after and police managed to arrest him after a small struggle.

Magistrate Dorelle Pinch placed him on concurrent 12-month good behaviour bonds for a stalk/intimidate and a resist arrest conviction and he was given the suspended jail sentence for assault occassioning actual bodily harm.

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