Ducks run for Dundee

TRAINING, wrangling and racing six Indian Runner ducks is no mean feat – no wonder they call Mick Davis, a performer at the Grafton show, “Duck Dundee”.

Mr Davis travels Australia performing at shows, markets, charity events and wherever else he can find with his act which can only be described as a little bit quackers.

His flock of six ducks, all individually named, are trained to race around an obstacle course, complete with a see-saw, a water slide and even a ring of fire which the fearless water fowl tackle with gusto.

Mr Davis said he'd seen a similar act in Victoria about 10 years ago which inspired him to put his own show together.

Since then, he said, he'd fallen in love with what he did and said the ducks were great to work with and easier to train than some might think.

“Ducks are really good learners, they actually learn very quickly,” Mr Davis said.

There were smiles galore from young and old alike among the amazed crowd watching his shows yesterday – a reaction Mr Davis said he thrived on.

“I love seeing the kids happy, that's why I do this – if the kids aren't happy, then no one is,” he said.

Catch Mr Davis and his daring ducks performing regularly near the wood-chopping area and also in the main ring at Grafton Showground today and tonight. 

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