Snr Cst Joleene Brooker outside Grafton police station. Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner
Snr Cst Joleene Brooker outside Grafton police station. Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner Adam Hourigan

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, March 3: Brooker on the beat

Brooker on the beat

WELL done to Senior Constable Brooker (DEX, 28/2).

Interesting that she has made comment to Blacktown as a huge 'eye opener.'

Stations like this would have been good for officers in the Coffs/Clarence, who thought they had it so bad up there.

As Constable Brooker has stated: "It's about communication, skills and dedication."

Reports coming to Sydney from officers who have 'done the hard yards' in Sydney stations and transfer to the North Coast are that most officers here have no idea of what hard policing work is really like. Again, very interesting.

Also very, very interesting, after directly speaking with WorkCover regarding persons who get upset they are being 'watched' when they are awaiting claims. They said this is necessary to justify what certain persons are telling their doctors. Claimants get very upset when they are caught out and do not get their money.

Claims for psychological stress are down 95% since the insurance scheme for police changed. Guess that says everything about the ones waiting for hundreds of thousand of dollars.

This won't happen to Senior Constable Brooker. Great to see an officer who is in the job for the right reasons, is smiling and has loads of resilience.

S McMahon, Sydney


Easing the pain

ON Thursday, February 26, my 16-year-old son Christian attended the Maclean Hospital's Emergency Department.

He had been unwell the day prior, complaining of abdominal pain. The pain worsened and he needed to go to hospital.

The Emergency Department staff at Maclean attended to Christian promptly and were all wonderful with their duty of care towards him.

Christian needed to be transferred to Grafton Hospital to possibly undergo an operation to remove his appendix.

When we arrived at the Grafton Base Emergency department we were promptly seen to and Christian was organised quickly and assessed, and before we knew it, we were in beds up on the Children's Ward waiting for the surgeon and an operating theatre.

The operation was performed and all went well.

I wanted to express my sincere and warmest thank you to each and every member of staff who we were fortunate enough to have looking after our son.

In the moment when everything was happening, a very tired, worried mother and a child in pain, it didn't seem necessary to know the names of the wonderful nurses, doctors, anaesthetist and other staff members involved.

I wanted to write this letter so that everyone could know just how fortunate we are to have such fantastic hospitals and it's the staff that makes it that way.

From my family to all of you, "saying thank you could never seem enough.

You are all wonderful". Bless you.

Megan Montiford, Gulmarrad


Library needs CCTV

I'M amazed to read last week that Grafton's new $6-million library was targeted by vandals.

I'm even more amazed that no security cameras where installed on a $6-million community asset.

Who was responsible for this short-sighted decision?

Robert Cook, Grafton

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