Easter has an unearned reputation for being a wet holiday period, claims the Bureau of Meteorology.
Easter has an unearned reputation for being a wet holiday period, claims the Bureau of Meteorology.

Wet weather for Easter

THE weather forecasts for the Easter weekend will provide plenty of ammunition for those people who claim this holiday period is synonymous with wet weather.

With showers and storms predicted for all days of the holiday it would seem the reputation of a wet Easter has been confirmed.

However, the professionals at the Bureau of Meteorology believe the reputation of Easter as a wet holiday could be a bit of a myth.

BOM weather observer Alison Skinn said yesterday that the rainfall statistics for the season showed that by April the region was starting to dry off after the tropical storms.

“At Coffs Harbour the March average rainfall is 239mm but for April it’s 176mm as the influence of the tropical storm systems lessens,” she said.

Ms Skinn said the reputation of Easter for wet weather probably had more to do with selective memories than the figures showed.

“Maybe people remember the five minutes it rained rather than the days of sunny weather,” she said.

“You don’t seem to notice the weather so much when the sun’s shining.

“There’s also the problem with Easter that it can occur any time from late March well into April.”

While the forecasts showed there was a high probability of some rain over the break, Ms Skinn said people should not be too worried about holiday washouts.

“From the updated four-day forecasts that have just come in it looks like there will be isolated showers on Friday but by Saturday there’s just a chance of rain,” she said.

“Sunday and Monday it’s a chance of showers. Tuesday’s forecast is for showers increasing.”

She said the BOM’s figures for the amount of rain likely to fall are not all bad news for the holidays.

“They show there’s a high likelihood of some showers, but the prediction is for less than 1mm of rain each day,” Ms Skinn said.

“It’s not bright and sunny, but it’s not too bad.”

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