EDITORIAL: What about ISIS women and Stockholm syndrome?

IMAGINE marrying a man, and over the period of a decade, he changes religions and his lifestyle.

Then, he demands you and the children do the same.

Not ask. Demand.

He has taken up with a dangerous group of people. He has become more of a dictator in the home. And you either hope he grows out of it or someone more dangerous takes him out. You wish for these things because you fear for your life and your children's lives if you try to leave your husband.

Right now, the Federal Government is talking about cutting dual citizenships for ISIS fighters who leave Australia to fight against Australia.

This comes after reports that an ISIS fighter's wife wants to bring her children back to Australia. This includes a very young child who was filmed joyfully holding a decapitated head of someone ISIS executed and was then posted on social media by ISIS for the world to see.

I understand the government's concerns, and the people of Australia's concerns, of letting an ISIS fighter return to Australia - but this is the wife and children we are talking about.

Who is to say this women wasn't in a domestic situation akin to Stockholm syndrome or domestic violence? For all we know, her husband could have threatened to have all of her family members killed if she did not take the kids to him overseas.

Maybe, when the Federal Government changes the laws (because it is something that does have to happen for the safety of all Australians), they put in clauses for the women and children who were given death threats if they did not cooperate with the ISIS fighters.

Psychological evaluations would be one of first clauses I would suggest be included, and make them ongoing (eg at least yearly).

I daresay, if anyone is coming from such a situation as I have proposed, they may need to be put into the Witness Protection program for their own safety from ISIS supporters still in Australia.

Whatever happens, the Federal Government needs to take into account the detrimental impacts of brainwashing, domestic violence and Stockholm Syndrome type situations of those who say 'we want to come home. We don't want anything to do with ISIS anymore."  

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