Sunny McLennan and Joseph Mulligan teaming up last Saturday.
Sunny McLennan and Joseph Mulligan teaming up last Saturday.

Eggins v Crompton on open water

WITH good breeze on both the Friday and Sunday, Big River sailors can only lament at their misfortune not to have had something similar when they gathered on the Saturday to contest the final Club Championship event for the season.

The showers and early morning calm eventually gave way to clearing skies and a gentle North East breeze, which at least enabled competitors to salvage the day by completing two shortened races.

In the catamarans, Bob Eggins and Josh Crompton again went head to head.

Both are competent sailors sailing almost identical boats, so each time they meet it’s never a forgone conclusion as to the result.

This week, like so many times before, the pair ended up with a win each. In the monohulls, Paul Hargan put a scare through the fleet as he capitalised on two good starts and had his Laser Radial up amongst the lead boats.

Revelling in the lighter conditions he was only a few seconds from taking both races, but in the end had to share the rewards with Mark Mulligan.

Sarah Ostenfeld continued her good form to be the standout junior ahead of her sister Allison, who this week took advantage of the lighter winds and stepped up to a Laser in the final race.

With the recent wet hopefully on the wane, the club is confident of good sailing conditions for the Annual Regatta to be held this weekend.

Club caretaker Dick Lane has the grounds looking in great shape, and whilst there may still be some colour from the fresh water entering the system, the river is expected to be otherwise as normal.

The regatta is a popular event that attracts visitors from South to Sydney, West to Gunnedah, and North to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

All classes of yachts and dinghies are invited to compete and it is anticipated that there will be strong showing of catamarans, mixed monohulls, and trailer sailers.

For more information on the regatta go to or contact Hariet Woodrow on 6646 4517 or Colin Hinwood on 6645 4429.

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