Thieves ransack home of woman, 93: VIDEO

VIDEO has emerged of an elderly woman's ransacked home after a shocking break and enter in a small rural town.

Shawn Woolacott uploaded the video to YouTube which shows the extensive mess vandals left behind in his 93-year-old grandmother's home in Boggabilla.

A precious gemstone collection once owned by his grandfather and kept by his grandmother was stolen, as well as a safe broken into, draws upturned, furniture torn and cupboards emptied in the frenzied ransacking.

The two-minute 40 second video starts in the kitchen before Mr Woolacott tours the ransacked home, explaining the extent of the damage.

He said he published the video to show "how disgraceful the crime is in this once nice little town".

"Boggabilla was once a small town with a vibrant main street including a post office, green grocer, butchers, furniture store, etc," he said.

"These days there's nothing but boarded up windows, 10-foot high barbed wire fences, youth sitting on every corner searching for something to do, graffiti and so on.

"These reasons plus many more are why this small community has turned into an unliveable township."

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