Electricians group issues post-flood safety warning

THE National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has issued an electrical safety warning to residents as floodwaters recede on the Mid North Coast.

NECA is urging residents cleaning out their flood damaged homes and businesses to get their electrical systems checked and repaired by licensed electricians before contacting their energy supplier to get the power turned back on.

"The floods in northern NSW have been devastating and as well as several tragic deaths have also resulted in considerable property damage," NECA's Chief Executive Officer James Tinslay said.

"As the big clean-up continues it's vitally important that the electrical systems of properties which have been flood damaged are checked by a licensed electrician and whatever repairs necessary are carried out before power is restored.

"It's also important to get electrical appliances and equipment which have been flood damaged checked as well.

"The bottom line is that water and electricity just don't mix and not getting a licensed electrician to carry out these checks on your property and possessions carry very real fire or electric shock risks.

"The testing is even more important as additional safety measures in your home like a safety switch may no longer be effective as it could have also been damaged by the flood waters."

The wild weather is also predicted to cause further flooding in South East Queensland and in the Pilbara region of WA which is threatened by Tropical Cyclone Rusty.

NECA says there are a number of things that residents can do to prepare themselves.

These include:

  • check all electrical equipment including generators are in good working order should power be interrupted;
  • find out how and where to turn off your electricity supply;
  • unplug any electrical appliance or equipment that does not need to be used and if possible pack away in a safe place; and
  • have a licensed electrician install a safety switch or check that the installed safety switch is operating as designed.

To locate a licensed electrician in your area visit www.neca.asn.au and click on the Find an Electrician button on the home page.

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