Enjoying a day of 'knight' school

THE Clarence Valley Anglican School's Year 8 Medieval Day was a fabulous interactive learning experience hosted on a beautiful autumn day at the school oval last Thursday.

After pitching the medieval tent, students observed how to assemble and wear a traditional kilt, made from a six-metre length of tartan.

Under the instruction of medieval specialists Ray and Colin from Celtic Thunder, students learned the finer points of dressing as a knight, peasant woman or serf in medieval Europe.

They had hands-on experience with an armoury including swords, knives, cutlasses, axes and other ferocious looking weapons.

Groups of shield warriors were pitted against swordsmen and all students practised the longbow and arrow. Finally they enjoyed a traditional medieval lunch of beef stew, bread and apple cider.

Those students who dressed up in medieval costume looked fantastic as peasant serfs, errant knights and damsels. Thanks to the students their enthusiasm and their parents for helping with costumes for the day.

Here are just a few of the students' comments about the day:

“I loved learning about the different swords,” Chloe Mayberry.

“I loved the bagpipes. They were so good. But most of all I loved the archery. I've never shot an arrow before and I'm so glad I did,” Hannah Lohs.

“I learned that lots of terms in modern day life come from medieval times eg. don't let the bed bugs bite,” Lachlan Wray.

“It was really funny watching Jarrod get dressed in the chain mail and wig,” Michaela Burgess.

“My favourite weapon was the Spartan sword. It was so heavy,” Reilly Pickering.

“The lunch was really yummy and I thought it was a good idea to have it medieval style,” Ana Kilby.

“The part I liked most was the archery and the bagpipes. I learned that Vikings helmets didn't have horns. All up it was a really interesting day,” Shane Morris.

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