Gillian Webb-Enslin and husband Darren.
Gillian Webb-Enslin and husband Darren. Gary Hutchison

Enslin tops world over 800 yards

DARREN Enslin aimed up at the World Long Range Target Rifle Championships in Brisbane, claiming overall top position in the individual 800-yard aggregate, ahead of 380 of the world's best shooters.

His wife Gillian Webb-Enslin also represented Australia with distinction in the event which featured two weeks of tough competition which was held in challenging weather conditions at the Belmont Shooting Complex.

In a series of individual and team matches held over distances of 800, 900 and 1000 yards, the Apple Tree Creek couple, who were part of the host nation's 16-person team, had differing fortunes.

Enslin placed 53rd overall in the individual match with an aggregate of 635.056, but he beat all comers over 800 yards with stage scores of 75.007, 74.008 and 75.009 for an aggregate of 224.024.

Webb-Enslin was a little off target, placing 360th overall with an aggregate of 476.040.

Australia was lucky to place fourth overall with an aggregate of 6966.603, being unable to catch up sufficiently to be placed after a team member's rifle malfunctioned on the first day of the competition, which is known as the Palma Match.

In the teams' event, after two matches each over the three distances, Webb-Enslin contributed 435.44, with Enslin managing 434.36.

Great Britain was victorious on 7027.651, in advance of South Africa 6992.651 and United States 6980.655, while Australia finished in front of Canada 6910.560 and New Zealand 6894.533.

This prestigious match is held on a different continent every four years.

The dynamic duo has now set their sights on making the next Australian team which will travel to Camp Perry in the United States in 2015.

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