Pall bearers carry the coffin.
Pall bearers carry the coffin. Simon Hughes

Eulogy: Don born to be a diesel mechanic

GRAFTON diesel mechanic Don Scott, passed away aged 53 on New Year's Day.

On Friday friends and family attended his burial service at Clarence Lawn Cemetery, preceded by a convoy of trucks driven by his MI Organics colleagues across Grafton Bridge behind the hearse. Peter Webb read the eulogy:

Donald was born at Runnymede on 4th May, 1964 and was a good baby right from the start - as long as he had food he was OK.

From an early age he was a happy child and could do amazing things with puzzles which astounded us.

He attended South Grafton primary and high schools and wanted to leave school in Year 10. We said as long as he got an apprenticeship, which he did at Cummins as a diesel mechanic.

As a teenager he would get all the spec sheets he could find for the trucks and machinery and read them alongside his Trucking Life books - he knew them all off by heart.

DEDICATED: Don Scott was Grafton operations manager at MI Organics.
DEDICATED: Don Scott was Grafton operations manager at MI Organics. MI Organics

He would work all the school holidays alongside his brother Bruce and his Dad in the bush learning the trade hands on, literally.

After finishing his apprenticeship, he then went to work in the family business logging alongside his dad and his brother and did so for many years. Both he and his brother were ahead of their time with the knowledge gleaned from studying the industry advancements.

His first interest all along was trucks and anything to do with their upgrade and new technology. He was a member of IAME (Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers).

He always strived to follow the latest technology and was not backward in passing his knowledge on if anyone was interested.

He played the bagpipes from a young age and was a member of the Grafton District Pipe Band and when Lady Diana died he entered a competition for writing pipe tunes. He wrote two lovely tuned and was commended for them.

After working for many years for himself and his family he sold all his interest in the business and went to work for MI Organics here in Grafton where he worked until the present time.

Because of his medical condition he obtained his diploma in reflexology in 2016.

Don was born with a problem called portal hypertension, which was diagnosed when he was 10 years old. He didn't have any problems at all until he was 19 when he had his first haemorrhage. He was OK after that for many years and used to get pancreatitis which he was able to recover from by himself.

He had a bout of pancreatitis and was sent to PA Hospital nine years ago next March, where a specialist decided to insert a stent in his bile duct. That is where it all went wrong for him. They forgot to give him an antibiotic and he got bilary sepsis and his life was saved by a doctor in Lismore.

He then went back to Brisbane where he got sick again and got a hospital bug and was in there for 18 months. After getting cholangitis he had a liver transplant which saved his life and gave him a new lease of life.

Unbeknownst to us there was a 2 per cent chance of getting post transplant lymphoma - guess who was unlucky to be one of the 2 per cent.

In September 2017 he was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and it was a rare form and they have never found the main cell in his bone marrow to enable them to give him the right treatment.

He had one bout of chemotherapy which gave him a problem in his lungs. His treatment made him worse and he battled and fought til the end which was on New Year's Day at 7.20am.

He fought the good fight right til the end and we who loved him all his life had to see him suffer til the end.

God bless and keep him safe.

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