Every cricket eye on Tucabia

THE Tucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club executive will decide tomorrow night whether to allow Matt Kroehnert to serve part of his seven-day suspension during the Premier League finals series.

Kroehnert was handed the seven playing days suspension, plus a 28-day suspended sentence, by the Clarence River Cricket Association (CRCA) judiciary on Thursday night following an incident at the night cricket final on February 27.

Tucabia Blue, the Premier League side Kroehnert played for this season, did not qualify for the finals series beginning this weekend.

However, a loophole in the CRCA constitution affords Tucabia the option to cut Kroehnert's suspension by a minimum of four days, and a maximum of six. Kroehnert has already served one day of his seven-day suspension.

The club's other Premier League outfit, Tucabia White, will play Brothers in the major semi-final this weekend, the winner of which will go directly to the grand final, while the loser will play the winner of the minor semi-final the following week.

Tucabia-Copmanhurst president Matt Dougherty said with Tucabia White still alive, every day of finals cricket they play could count towards Kroehnert's suspension.

“We know there is nothing in the constitution stopping us from cutting Matt's suspension,” he said.

“(But) the question still remains whether or not we will.”

Indeed, with many of the club's members falling on different sides of the fence over the matter, it is hard to determine which stance the club will take at tomorrow night's meeting.

“I'm really only new to it all ... but I've spoken to a lot of people who have different opinions on the issue,” Dougherty said.

“We will just have to look what is on the table and take it from there.”

CRCA secretary Jason Thompson said Tucabia-Copmanhurst was within the rules of the constitution to decrease Kroehnert's sentence.

“My personal view is a player should play for only one team, but there is nothing in (the constitution) to stop them from swapping players from team to team,” he said.

Thompson said the CRCA 'might do something' in the future about the loophole, but any changes would have to wait until the association's next annual general meeting.

Whatever the outcome of Tucabia-Copmanhurst's meeting, Dougherty said the final decision would rest with the club's selectors - Greg Mears and Andrew Buchanan.

“After Thursday night the club will know more, but what I do know now is it will be up to the selectors,” he said.

“It should be an interesting meeting.”

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