A Toowoomba woman has called on people to stop killing spiders.
A Toowoomba woman has called on people to stop killing spiders.

Huntsman spiders: 'Every time I see a spider die I cry'

PEOPLE with arachnophobia have gone so far as to burn down their houses in a bid to kill spiders.

But a Toowoomba woman with a warm and fuzzy place in her heart for arachnids is calling on people to stop killing them.

South Toowoomba woman Francis Lee said spiders were a misunderstood species in that most people couldn't explain why they were so afraid of them.

The 31-year-old called for the killing of huntsman spiders in Toowoomba to cease immediately.

"Please don't kill them. Every time I see a huntsman die, I cry. It's unnecessary, cruel and you are doing your household a disservice. Just be logical about it."

Ms Lee admitted that the spiders were capable of biting people but said they weren't interested in doing so.

"They are more than happy to chow down on all the other creepy crawlies that are floating around your house."

She said a bite from a redback spider was not as drastic as it would have been before the advent of  anti-venom medication.


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"All living things play their part in the homeostasis of existence. No one thing  has more right to life than anything else.

"We as humans, with our consciousness and our morals have a duty of care to protect beings that can't speak for themselves."


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