Grafton’s Ben Jurd fights through heavy defence.
Grafton’s Ben Jurd fights through heavy defence.

Examiner comp winds up in style

THE Grafton Daily Examiner Primary schools hockey competition wound up after a four-week period of round robin games with a noticeable improvement in skill level.

The six competing schools, parents and competing players spoke quite highly of the competition.

A number of new players have decided to try their luck in the association competitions after enjoying their hockey experience.

Trophies will go out to schools this week, along with the awards that were given out be coaches each week.

In all 24 teams, played in the competition played in two divisions of junior and senior primary school.

Results of the final round were:

Years 3 and 4 junior division: Grafton Gunners 5 def South Primary Power 0, Grafton Magic 8 def Westlawn Wolves 0, St. Joseph’s 5 def St. Mary’s mixed Magic 1, Grafton Giants 4 def Westlawn Warriors 3, St Mary’s mixed 4 def South Primary mixed 3, Gillwinga mixed 6 def Grafton Ghosties 2

Year 5 &6 – Senior Division: Grafton Reds 7 def Westlawn Wanderers 0, Grafton Supersonics 3 def Gillwinga mixed 1, Westlawn Blue 5 def South Primary Mixed 1, Grafton Gold 4 def St. Mary’s mixed 2, Westlawn Green 4 def St. Joseph’s mixed 1, Grafton Blue 6 def South Public Power 0

Week 4 awards

Grafton Public - Jodie Hale, Maddie Cowan, Samira Lawson, Isabella Baker- Whalley, Jade Mc Donogh, Katie Porra, Frances Williams, Ben Hartz, Tiahnee Cropper, Kyleisha Hookey, Jamie Felton, Jackson Greaves, Tyler Harris, and Charlie Moar. Brock Rediger, Jonathon Carney and Riley Oseland.

St. Joseph’s Primary - Will Hayes, Scarlett Smidt, Dermott Cooper, Samuel Young, Elly Shipman, Chris Byrnes.

South Grafton Primary- Rio Gardoll, Jarod Gardiner, Mitchell Casker, Tamara Sevil, Taylan Ellis, Cassidy Reid. Ella Kable, Charlie Gardonall

Westlawn Primary - Jye Thompson, Wade Hughes, Beau Eichmann. Natasha Eichmann, Jed Hayes, Nick Pate, Dean Rutherford, Nicholas Lavender, Will Pollack, Toby Power, Taylor Lavender Natasha Eichmann.

Gillwinga Primary - Hayley Duroux, Shania Wright, Dane O’ Connor, Tegan Fallon, Mollie Montgomery Lex Bagster, Charlie Ford.

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